R. Hueter Co.

About Us

The R. Hueter Co. was established in 1983 by Raymond Hueter with four cam machines and by 1999 it grew to nineteen.  In 1996 he purchased his first Swiss CNC machine and by 2003, the shop consisted of only CNC's.  Today, the company operates with three Deco 9-axis, two Deco 7-axis, two Deco 5-axis, two Citizen B-12, one Citizen R04 and one 10 axis Evo-Deco, all with self loaders to provide seamless nonstop manufacturing capabilities.  In 2007, Raymond's son Adam Hueter joined the company to progress from sweeping the floors to mastery in programming and setup of each machine.  Together they lead a highly motivated and detail oriented team.
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